Golf: There are several golf courses within easy reach of Lismacue.

Note: Helicopter available for hire to take guests to other courses.

Fishing: Trout fishing is available on the ‘Ara’ river running through the estate (see picture below).

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There are an extensive number of locations for fly fishing in Co. Tipperary on the river Suir which passes just north of Cashel and on to Golden village and then the historical town of Cahir.

The River Suir rises in the Devils Bit Mountains and flows through the limestone country of South Tipperary and North Waterford.

Its physical characteristics provide an ideal habitat for salmon and trout. Grilse runs begin in late June and usually last through to the end of September, when the season ends. The river Suir has all the characteristics of a chalk stream and therefore produces trout in abundance ranging in size from 400g to 1kg. The large numbers present prosper because of the ideal nature of the habitat and the absence of any serious predators and lack of competition for food.

The Suir is renowned as a dry-fly fishery. Access to the river is excellent. Visitors may purchase permits from any of the associations and most of the private fisheries on the river.


Riding: There are many horse riding , trekking, jumping and tuition centre near us.

Walking and Hill climbing: The renowned scenic beauty of the Glen of Aherlow is your gateway to the magnificent Galtee mountains.

Places to Visit:

Lismacue is centrally located to give easy access to many of Ireland’s most historic heritage sites, the Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle and Holy Cross Abbey, to name but a few.

Rock of Cashel

rock of cashel tipperary ireland

The Rock of Cashel is one of the most spectacular archeological sites in Ireland. It sits on the outskirts of Cashel on a large mound of limestone bristling with ancient fortifications. Mighty stone walls encircle a complete round tower, a roofless abbey, a 12th century Romanesque chapel, and numerous other buildings and high crosses. The Rock of Cashel is composed four structures which are the Hall of the Vicars Choral, the cathedral, the round tower, and Cormac's Chapel. Hore Abbey is about one kilometer north at the base of the rock.

Cahir Castle

cahir castle tipperary

Cahir Castle is a great 15th-century Butler castle near the town centre of Cahir.The Butlers were granted lands in the area in 1192, but they didn't build their first castle until the 13th century. The castle is in remarkable condition and one of the largest in Ireland. The inhabitants surrendered to Cromwell in 1650 without a struggle -memories were fresh of the battering the place had suffered in 1599 at the hands of the Earl of Essex and his mearge two cannons -and it has been extensively restored. Some of John Boorman's movie, Excalibur, was filmed in Cahir Castle.

Hore Abbey

hore abbey, tipperary, ireland

The 13th century Hore Abbey is set in farmland just a few hundred yards from the base of the Rock of Cashel. It was the last daughter house - a religious house which was affiliated to the main monastery - of Mellifont's Cistercians and was a gift from a 13th century archbishop who expelled the Benedictine monks after dreaming that they had plans to murder him.

The Bolton Library

Theophilus Bolton was certainly a man of parts, a "doer of the work" as well as an intellectual........................
Though Bolton was founder, the library's greatest treasures, however, come from the collection of Archbishop William King of Dublin. He had been Bolton's mentor, and was said to have been the most learned and widely read man of his time. His best known publication, "De Origine Mali" (1702) provided ideas for Pope's "Essay on Man." He had been Bishop of Derry from 1690, after that City's siege" of famous memory", until 1703 when he was made Archbishop of Dublin. His books, then, were mainly gathered in the last quarter of the 17th century, and sometime after King's death in 1729. Bolton acquired the bulk of his benefactor's extensive library........

Swiss Cottage

swiss cottage

The Swiss Cottage built in 1812 was designed as a hunting and fishing lodge for Lord Cahir. Designed by John Nash, the famous Regency Architect. The interiors have been fully restored.

Mitchelstown Cave

Mitchelstown Cave

The karst around Mitchelstown is restricted to very small area. The Galtee Mountains consist of sandstone, which contains no caves as it is not soluble. But in the southern side of the mountains is the outcrop of a small strip of limestone. This is the location of the caves and it is a material which is quarried for bricks and lime.

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Holycross Abbey

holycross abbey, tipperary ireland

On the west bank of the Suir, 4 miles (6 km) south of Thurles, stands Holycross Abbey, which was fully restored as part of European Architectural Heritage Year 1975.

Founded originally in 1168 for Benedictines by the King of Muster, Donal O’ Brien, the abbey was transferred to the Cistercians about the year 1182.

Cliffs of Moher

cliffs of moher

These majestic cliffs rise from the Atlantic Ocean to a height of nearly 200m and extend for a distance of 8km from Hag's Head due west of Liscannor to a point beyond O'Brien's Tower. They take their name from a ruined promontory fort, Mothar, which was demolished during the Napoleonic wars to make room for a signal tower.

Coolmore Stud

Coolmore Stud, which is probably the leading stud farm in the world, is about 20 miles from Lismacue House.

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